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Shopping on Our Site

Our site makes it easy to find just what you're looking for while always offering help and creative suggestions. The primary initial selections will always be found at the top of every page. Here you can shop by occasions (birthday, Christmas, and many others), gift categories (women?s jewelry, men?s jewelry & accessories, and many others), or recipient (him, her, and many others). We also have fully stocked wedding and business sites that are accessible via this top navigation. Once you have made an initial selection on the home page, there will be a left navigation added that will allow you to get to the products you want very quickly. You'll also find helpful links to popular gifts and featured items throughout the site, along with helpful related content.

Use our Search box in the upper right corner to find items by Keyword, Item Number, Recipient, Occasion, Product Type, or any combination of criteria.

Once you find an item you'd like to purchase, enter the quantity you want, and click "Personalize & Add to Bag". You are now ready to personalize the item(s).

Personalizing Your Gifts

Once you've selected the quantity of item, it's time to personalize it.

Select an Occasion Use the pulldown menu to choose from a selection of occasions. The site uses this data to assist with the remaining steps in your purchase, such as to recommend messages to put on the selected product.

Select a Personal Message Use the pulldown menu to choose from a selection of recommended phrases or select "Create Your Own" to create your own message. If the phrase you select allows you to insert a name, date or other information as part of the message, simply type that information into the entry box. When creating your own message, the entry box will only allow you to enter the pre-determined amount of characters that will fit on that item.

Select A Font Use the pulldown menu to choose the font style for your message.

Select A Message Color If your item is embroidered, use the pulldown menu to select the thread color that your item will be embroidered with.

Preview Allows you to preview how your message will appear in the font you have chosen on the item. You can change your message, font and color (if applicable) at any time and click "Preview Message on Product" to see how your changes look.

Add to Bag Once satisfied, click this button and your item, with its personalization, will be added to your Shopping Cart.

If purchasing more than one of the same item, you can personalize all of them with the same message or give each one a different message. If you personalize them all the same, you'll go through the above process once, and if you personalize them differently, you will go through the process for each individual item.

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